Jeremy Butler

Visual Effects Jeremy Butler

Jeremy Butler's inventive and passionate dedication has fueled his lifelong pursuit of excellence. At first a hobby, his fervor for 3D animation led him to take animation classes at the Mercer County Community College when he was a Junior in High School. Soon after, Jeremy charmed his way into Princeton University. There, Jeremy was able to gain access to state of the art 3D Animation workstations and world class computer science laboratories to feed his technological hunger.

Jeremy received a BFA in Computer Art from New York City's School of Visual Arts. Immediately after graduation, he freelanced at top animation and visual effects companies throughout the city. Soon after, Jeremy switched gears and made the move to even higher end film work by moving to Los Angeles and forming an independent animation company, Motion Logic. Holding the title of supervising animator, Jeremy worked on films such as "The Day After Tomorrow", "Fantastic Four 2: Rise Of the Silver Surfer", "300", "Alien Vs. Predator Requiem" and "The Incredible Hulk". His work helped earn a British Academy Award for "The Day After Tomorrow" and his dynamic animation style helped garner the Cannes Golden Lion award for the Nike "Stickman" campaign.

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