Burden wins best VFX at AOF

Burden wins best VFX at AOF - burdenthemovie

Kim Coates (winner of the AOF Half-Life Award 2009), Ron Perlamn and Burden director Michael David Lynch

It’s been a great few weeks for Michael David Lynch and his short independent sci-fi film Burden.

First, Burden received four nominations from the Action on Film (AOF) International Film Festival including Best Sci Fi Film, Best Sound Design, Best VFX and Best Special Effects - Short.

The film then premiered July 25 to a sell out crowd, prompting the Laemmle Theater to quickly schedule a second unplanned screening which again sold out.

Now Burden has won the ‘Best VFX’ award at the AOF International Film Festival.

“The VFX took 3 years to finish using an FTP server to work with people all over the USA, ” Lynch said.

“The mothership was drawn in LA, modeled in IL, the textures were created in FL, rebuilt in SF Animated in LA, and rendered in SF. The mothership sequence took 60 computers 4 days of rendering,” he said.

Burden follows the story of a lone ‘Watcher’ named Calik who, on the eve of an Alien invasion, must decide between his sworn duty to flee the planet or to defy his instructions by trying to save Earth from the alien threat.

It stars Grant Weiss as Calik and features the voice of Peter Cullen (aka Optimus Prime in Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen).

You can watch the trailer here.

Burden will next screen at the International Film Festival in Ireland, September 12.

source: http://www.scifiscoop.com/news/burden-wins-best-vfx-award-at-aof-festival/